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           Yigezu Bisrat, an eminent Ethiopian artist, was born in
Addis Ababa to Memre Bisrat HabteMariam and Weyzero Sahlemariam Teshame in 1926. He was one of the first graduates of Kine Tibeb School (School of fine arts) in 1946 and was apprentice to Ato Abebe Giorgis and Ato Agenehu Engeda. He was married to Weyzerit Fetlework Hailemariam and had a daughter before his wife's untimely death.
         Ato Yigezu had an illustrious career as a painter, calligrapher , author and educator. He was a pioneer in the adaptation and development of the Ethiopian alphabet to fit the needs of modern times. Ato Yigezu's talents were frequently called upon by His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellasie I for diplomas, certificates, and other awards that were presented to Ethiopian nationals of achievement as well as foreign dignitaries.
            Ato Yigezu, as well as being an artist and instructor at Addis Ababa University school of fine arts, also worked in the ministry of education. Yigezu Bisrat died in Addis Ababa in 1979.

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